What I purchased during Black History Month

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With Black History Month coming to an end I wanted to share what small black owned businesses I supported and why its important. 

Supporting small businesses is helpful to your local economy but supporting small black owned business is beneficial because it helps to decrease the racial wealth gap and can also help the community face certain environmental injustices.


Its pretty easy to find  black owned businesses to support, many can be found on Instagram or just a simple google search. I found a really cool t-shirt in the Black History section of Target and I loved the color. I soon realized that it was a kids t-shirt, I’m wearing a large and its pretty tight lol. The next black owned business I supported is on Instagram, Lori’s Loft the owner is really nice and enjoyed her lounge sets. I purchased a pair of leggings but they didn’t have the color I  wanted so she refunded me and sent me a different color instead free of charge! I was excited and the bandage pants looked so cute on me for Valentines Day!

T-shirt from Target 

Paying homage to so many that paved the way for the black community!

The last black owned business that I have supported many times is Natural Jewels. During the month of February I  purchased the clarifying facial and a body detox. Jewels is a Esthetician so she is very knowledgeable, professional and her staff is very friendly!

Amber Noir is a poplar fragrance on her site. The body spray and body butter, smells amazing and the scent last for hours!

These Lori’s Loft bandage pants looked amazing against this back drop! Color is Cayenne, I have on a size large I could of went with a medium since they are stretchy.

I hope you found this useful and will check out the sites I mentioned. See you in the next post!

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2 years ago

Great content!