2022 Goals!

Happy New Year! Hoping 2022 brings great things your way! I’m going to use goals instead of resolutions and I feel its best to constantly set goals throughout the year!

Here are my goals for this year….

  • Focus on health. I currently do a fast every year with my church but I plan to fast once a week to be more disciplined on my eating and spirituality. This will also help to stay consistent.
  • Try things out of my comfort zone. This blog is an example of doing something I was hesitant or nervous to start. Keep trying more activities to make this a habit and it will be beneficial to your personal growth and decrease regrets.
  • Stop Comparisons! With social media part of our everyday lives its easy to compare and feel like you’re not successful enough or need to change your physical appearance. We were made differently for a reason and we each have to continue on our own paths. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do better but it can become toxic so that is something to be mindful of. Take a break from social media to protect your peace and mental health. 
  • Finally don’t let what others do affect your mood or distract you. Sometimes when others do something to me or say something offensive I can overanalyze the situation. Meanwhile that person is moving on with their day. I journal and I pray to help with this but you can do what ever works best to get past the situation and keep it moving! As stated in my previous goal don’t let others rob you of your peace.